Within the framework of its ongoing efforts to care for both people and the environment, ELVIAL participated with great pleasure in the project 'Modernization of the Arcturos International Environmental Center.'

ELVIAL's aluminum systems were installed in the office building and the volunteers' house of ARCTUROS, ensuring energy upgrades in the buildings and warmth for the scientists and volunteers studying and caring for wildlife, thereby protecting biodiversity and the environment. In this way, high-performance thermal insulation is provided, aesthetically enhancing the space with their modern design.

Dr. Alexandros Karamanlidis, the General Director of Arcturos, expressed a heartfelt thank you, emphasizing: 'ARCTUROS has been active for more than 30 years in protecting Greek biodiversity. The organization's actions are supported by the International Environmental Center and the organization's facilities in Aetos, Nymfaio, and Agrapidia, Florina. We warmly thank ELVIAL for their generous sponsorship, which allowed us to significantly upgrade our building facilities and subsequently strengthen our actions for the protection of our natural heritage.'

Referring to ELVIAL's donation, the President of the company, Tania Tzika, stated: 'The upgrade to the office building and the volunteers' house of ARCTUROS is another proof of ELVIAL's commitment demonstrated over time to actions that contribute to the work of significant organizations and associations, aiming to improve the quality of their infrastructure. This action is part of the project 'Modernization of the Arcturos International Environmental Center,' which ELVIAL embraced as part of its social contribution actions, an integral part of its culture.'

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