OPEN HOUSE – THESSALONIKI 2023.  ELVIAL, for the second year, is a major sponsor of the OPEN PHOTO photography competition!

The biggest architectural celebration of Thessaloniki, OPEN HOUSE - THESSALONIKI 2023 "opened" its doors again this year and allowed friends of architecture and photography to participate in this year's activities.
ELVIAL, an ardent supporter of the event and architecture
, was delighted to support OPEN PHOTO as a major sponsor for the second year, an event for photography and architecture lovers, giving to the public the opportunity to share its experience and perspective. The competition was open to all, amateurs and professional photographers, lovers of architecture, of Thessaloniki, and of OPEN HOUSE Thessaloniki. A program full of events, special interesting tours, routes, and competitions on November 25 and 26, 2023!
open house 2
OPEN PHOTO winners are:

1st PRIZE: Aliki Karakoussi (@alison_vibrant_photography) 
2nd PRIZE: Lemonia Koutziabassi (@_artsytecture) 
3rd PRIZE: Giorgos Apostolou (@mindthegap_skg) 

Congratulations to the winners!
open house 3
A big thank you to all who voted in the final phase of the competition and announced the winners!