The historic building that housed MINION Department Store has used the advanced aluminium systems and customized solutions of the Greek company with the large international presence. 

Another unique project of aesthetics and history “wears” ELVIAL aluminium systems. The landmark, the old legendary store of Athens, the historical MINION, which has been linked and identified in the memories of the Athenians with the heyday of the historical center of the city, is ready to open its doors again in the Spring of 2024. 

The iconic property will be transformed into a modern, bioclimatic mixed-use building, which will feature dining areas, commercial shops, offices, and residences, breathing new life into the center of Athens. It is worth noting that around Omonia Square it is the first emblematic building that has been built and it marks the beginning of many investments in the wider area, contributing to the regeneration and economic reactivation of the local market.


MINION “wore” the following ELVIAL aluminium systems: 
Facade ELVIAL FS50. The large-scale surface of MINION's facades was a constructive and aesthetic challenge.  Facades ELVIAL FS50 were the ultimate choice. This flexible solution perfectly supports advanced architectural design and engineering requirements. It secures the space against the elements of nature - and not only - while also allowing the light to work for the benefit of the interior design. 

Opening System ESSENCE W67BS HI² is a unique example of ELVIAL's creativity. It combines minimal design with top technologies and offers unbeatable quality, guaranteed energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetic harmony in this iconic project. 

"New MINION" is developed by DIMAND S.A. whose team ambition is to create a modern, pioneer, bioclimatic building with offices and commercial premises that will meet the environmental goals and modern needs of society. Also, KOMEAL undertook the manufacture of ELVIAL aluminium systems.


The regenerated, bioclimatic building was illuminated in three colors, orange, which was MINION’s trademark, olive green, and white, a few months before the completion of the project, highlighting the new architecture of the facades and the creation of a night landmark in the center of Athens, as an integral part of Athens new image, environmentally responsible towards its energy consumption and light pollution.

For such a large project like MINION to be crowned with success, good cooperation between all involved parties is necessary. 

The contributors to the project are: 

Developer:                                          DIMAND S.A. 

Research office/architects:                MINOS DIGENIS ARQUITECTOS 

Fabricator of Aluminium Systems:    KOMEAL, Panagiotis Th. Kotsos 

ELVIAL Aluminium Systems:              ESSENCE W67BS HI² & ELVIAL FS50

ELVIAL, having many years of experience from large-scale projects, was ready from the beginning of the construction of the project to offer know-how, providing solutions all through the course of its building, maintaining excellent cooperation with all the contributors of the project.