A brand new extrusion line operates at the ELVIAL factory.

The advanced technology we installed, completing our new extrusion line is unique. It increases our production capacity to 32.000 tons and at the same time is a decisive step in making our factory even greener.
This extrusion line is part of a plan that includes robotic systems and cutting-edge technologies that drastically reduce our environmental footprint. As we are always in the forefront of developments and we are constantly investing in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, we are planning a new investment program of 28.000.000 € that aims to strengthen our human resources, accelerate our digital transformation and make us pioneers of green and cyclical economy.


Our goal is always to produce high value-added solutions, in order to offer you advanced aluminum solutions, incorporating the principles of sustainable development in our business.
We also keep refining our processes to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

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