ELVIAL's new training and innovation centre opens its doors to professionals and businesses in the aluminium architectural construction industry.

Committed to support and expand the capabilities of aluminium fabricators, ELVIAL is establishing the ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE. This is a training centre specifically geared to the needs and modern requirements of the sector, which aims to support, train and strengthen the position of businesses in the face of a changing and constantly competitive environment.

ELVIAL TRAINING CENTRE offers comprehensive and specialized training programs.  Innovation, knowledge and relevant skills can be integrated throughout the entire chain of the aluminium architectural construction industry while enabling trainees to: 

|   Acquire the skills required to fully meet the high demands in delivering small or large scale projects, from the initial study up to the correct installment
|  To reinforce and complete their theoretical knowledge in all stages of the aluminium production process the marketing mix, sales and after sales service
|  To develop the theoretical background to design new competitive business models

The focus will be on the professional training program for "Technicians for Manufacturing and Installation of Aluminium Architectural Systems" with the cooperation and scientific supervision of P.O.V.A.S. , which will be launched soon. 

The program is specifically designed for the development and training skills in the construction of aluminium architectural systems and provides 50 hours of practical and theoretical training

Upon completion of the training, participants receive a certificate of participation and attendance and enables them to acquire certification by an independent body, in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC17024.

For more information about the program contact trainingcentre@elvial.gr