We combine wide expertise, cutting edge machinery and thoughtful service to one single minded pursuit: perfection. 
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From doors and windows to shading and lighting and from automotive to medical; we supply all industries with innovative solutions and quality products and we do it consistently. This is what ELVIAL is all about. Treating industrial production as a service that is all personal, all human and dedicated to creating state of the art experiences for everyone involved.

Staying alert to the signals of time and international markets, we set up our business upon the conviction that aluminium is the material that will shape the future.


Being part of the future demands wise investments in human expertise and cutting edge technology. Our team of engineers and services oriented personnel is committed to safeguarding quality for our common projects and delivering the best.

Our fully automated production unit, our capabilities and pledge to responsible business and environmental practices render us a technology partner of preference. That’s how we create sophisticated extrusion products that rank top in class and quality.


As the world progresses and demands more sustainable solutions and better performance from all materials, aluminium is starting to become an ideal option. Aluminium has only 1/3 of the density of steel but is surprisingly strong. It allows for better design, greater durability, reduced carbon emissions and efficient waste management. Aluminium is durable and corrosion resistant, malleable and ductile and has manageable costs. It can be customized with further finishing and machining and fully recycled. This renders it the darling metal of many industries other than automotive: lighting, transport, construction, healthcare and medical appliances. Our expertise, reliability and quality renders us the partner of many prominent companies in these industries.

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ELVIAL is 100% family-owned. This means we are bound together by more than a contract. Being family-owned also means we are free to make decisions and put them immediately into practice. The customer’s contact with ELVIAL is steady. Fulfillment of your order is going to be swift and accurate, as everything comes from a single source. <br> What do you get from that single source? Every time you trust ELVIAL with your project you get exactly what you want. This is called reliability and it is what you can expect from us. Every single time.

Research in materials, rigorous testing, wise investments and the relentless pursuit of perfection reflect on your order. The rest is a fully automated procedure. Extrusion, surface treatment, finishing, packaging and distribution are conducted through the ELVIAL robotic production line. The result is always perfect and the delivery precise. It’s a win-win model. And it propels us to the future, together.

When you choose ELVIAL you choose a partner committed to your project’s success. Precise in production and committed to service.
Our team of engineers and services oriented personnel is committed to safeguarding quality for our common projects and delivering the best.
Ask questions, get answers and feel free to send us any demanding project. We are here to provide advice and support.Are you interested in more?
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