Do you manufacture bicycles or caravans? Air conditioning or radiators? Healthcare applications or architectural systems? The machining department will cater to you. It all starts with an idea and continues to design. The design is materialized. The die is processed and delivered. You can trust us to create the finished parts you require to achieve the highest quality possible, with all due certificates.

What is
CNC Machining?

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing technology: parts are created by removing material from a solid block using a variety of tools. At the end of the process you get the aluminium profile you ordered.

At ELVIAL we are constantly investing in high-end equipment for cutting and CNC machining.
The human factor

The machining department is where extruded profiles undergo further mechanical processing to respond to your requirements and fit your final product. Versatile, cutting -edge machinery is absolutely indispensable to ensure the outcome. But it’s the people that make the difference. Our experienced designers and engineers run rigorous quality tests to ensure the outcome is precisely the one you need, ready for assembly into a larger series. Top notch machinery and flexibility put us in a position to provide the customization you require while keeping costs in control near larger production batches.

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